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Get ready to process the new chip-enabled credit cards, which offer far greater security than traditional cards. Deadline for compliance October 1, 2015 for EMV Inside payments and October 1, 2020 for Pay at the Pump. 


PSI pay at the pump processing capabilities increase customer service by allowing drivers to pay for fuel at the gas pump with major credit or debit cards. Our advanced processing system integrates directly into the major gas station POS (point-of-sale) processing equipment and is easy to use, so drivers enjoy convenient self-service and fast approval while on the go. By eliminating the need for customers to come inside and pay, POS gas station systems save time and money while increasing sales.

We are a complete payment solutions provider for gas stations and convenience stores; everything you need from one experienced provider.  We work hard for our clients to solve problems the most inexpensive way possible.

Whether you are looking to switch merchant services due to pricing or poor service issues or if your station is changing from branded to unbranded, we can assist you.  We have petroleum merchant account consultants with extensive experience available to help.  One phone call and one point of contact for all your needs.

Our relationship with First Data

First Data has been described as a sleeping giant. With over 6 million merchant customers all over the world and well over 1 trillion dollars in payments processed annually they are the largest processor of electronic payments in the United States. Processing Solutions Inc. is an ISO/MSP of First Data and Wells Fargo Bank and have the knowledge of the petroleum industry, financial strength and commitment to excellence. In the short time that Clover has been on the market it has been widely successful with over 40,000 clover stations installed. That is the equivalent of one in three gas stations in the United States. First Data is building an unmatched ecosystem with Clover and its app store that is truly revolutionary in the retail technology space.

gas station at night showing the petro pumps lit up using the fuel for clover app with the point of sale station