MasterCard New Cards Start With “2”

Mastercard has always started with a “5” Needing more numbers Mastercard will start issuing cards starting with “2” This will require updates to existing credit card terminals not on a cloud network.

Directly from Mastercard Site:

“Mastercard is rolling out an additional range of six-digit BINs (222100-272099). These 2-series BINs adhere to today’s ISO industry standard and will work exactly the same way as the 5-series BINs do today. Mastercard is working with merchants to prepare their businesses throughout this dynamic and critical time. Merchants are encouraged to conduct a thorough assessment to determine which internal systems and processes may be impacted by the Mastercard 2-series. The list below offers some potential areas of impact that merchants should evaluate, but is not intended to be exhaustive.”

This Video Goes over the details of the 2 Series cards:

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